Mt. Ashland's 2017 Lodge Improvements Campaign

As part of our 25th anniversary of community ownership, we’re spending $1.4 million to restore and improve Mt. Ashland’s lodge in 2017. Please join with us as we add more indoor space and make our historic lodge a place we can all be proud of.

You probably feel that Mt. Ashland needs to make significant improvements to our ski lodge.

We agree! With your help we will reinvest in the lodge to make it better serve our guests, be more comfortable, and finally give us the gorgeous views of Mt. Ashland from inside we’ve always wanted.

With the recent ski area improvements we’ve made, there is little crowding on our slopes. But if you’ve visited our lodge recently on a busy weekend day, you know that the place needs to be improved.

And we can do so with your generous support.

In 1992, our community joined together to raise $1.7 million to “Save Mt. Ashland.” In 2017, with 25 years of community ownership, we’re celebrating by investing $1.4 million in our most treasured and important asset, our historic lodge. As a community, we have an obligation to ensure that this iconic symbol of Southern Oregon continues to serve guests for many more generations.

Proposed renovations of the Mt. Ashland Lodge
Crowded Lodge
Please help us fix our “hassle factors.” Our lodge Cafe line is crowded and confusing. Our rental shop is located too far away from our learning center, so newcomers must haul their gear a long way across the windiest spot in the Siskiyou Mountains. We can fix these problems with your generous support.
Rental Shop walk
Proposed renovations of the Mt. Ashland Lodge
These are the specific projects that we’re planning to undertake in 2017:

  • Working with our annual ski locker renters, we’ll be designing a more comfortable and spacious ski-in, ski-out locker room in the current rental shop;
  • To create a more logical and better guest experience and to centralize all services, the rental shop will be moved to the lodge basement;
  • Two currently-unused outdoor decks will be covered and enclosed, adding more than 1,000 square feet of indoor heated space–with amazing views of Mt. Ashland and the surrounding landscape;
  • To create a more “open” feel on the first floor and reduce crowding, the center interior staircase will be moved to one of the newly-enclosed rooms, which is currently our “Lodge Poma” deck;
  • The roof will be replaced; and
  • The Café area will be moved away from the crowded door and a much more functional and efficient service area will created toward the Sonnet side of the lodge. This improvement will alleviate the crowding and lack of proper flow that has frustrated guests for many years.
In 2017, as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Save Mt. Ashland” campaign, your financial support remains crucial. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to our 2017 Lodge Improvement campaign today. Your investment in this project will help ensure that we can complete all of the work in 2017.