Since 1964, Mt. Ashland has enjoyed the generosity of the Southern Oregon and Northern California community.  In the 1980’s when Dick Hicks sought to add the Windsor Chairlift, he received donations from throughout our community.  You can still see the donor plaques on each Windsor lift chair.  In 1992, when the ski area was facing closure, our community rallied to “Save Mt. Ashland.”  We still enjoy the generous support of many:

The Circe Society – $10,000+

Circe (pronounced seer-see) is the name of a mythological sorcerer.  It’s also the name of one of our most iconic ski runs – giving skiers and riders access to our world-class Bowl.  Members of our Circe Society are providing essential support to Mt. Ashland – and enabling us to provide access to our outstanding terrain year-in and year-out.

Annette and Andy Batzer

Adroit Construction


Dave and Marge Bernard

Carrico Family Foundation

Gardner Grout Foundation

Lam Research Foundation Fund

Lithia Auto Dealers

Sid and Karen DeBoer

Nicholas and Ruth Hewitt

Sue and Steve Lawrence

Michael and Mary Mahar

Lynda and Paul Marikos

Bob and Lynn Mayers

Jed and Celia Meese

Hank O’Dougherty

Margaret Purves

TC Chevy

Upper Balcony Club – $5,000 – 9,999

Batzer Construction, Inc.

Harry and Yvonne Lenart Charitable Foundation

Jim and Debi North

Siskiyou Outback Trail Run

Thorndike Family Foundation

Dreamers – $1,000 – 4,999

Airport Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, & Cadillac
Ashland’s Valero Fuel Station
Ashley Furniture
Richard and Debra Barth
John and Anne Batzer
Lisa and Tom Beam
Thomas Becker
Elizabeth and Donald Becklin
Beds for Less
John Bowling
Reginald and Annette Breeze
Robert Carter
Cutler Investments
Mike and Tanya Dadaos
Adam Danforth
Davis, Hearn, Anderson & Turner, P.C.
Bryan and Stephanie DeBoer
David and Rosie Donnelly
Peter and Brenda Dowd
John and Marilyn Duke
Art and Jean Ekerson
T.J. Ernst
Andrew and Sandra Fletcher
Harfst & Associates
Hughes Lumber Products Co.
Hughes Rote Brouhard & Thorpe
Human Bean
Huycke, O’Conner, & Jarvis, LLC
KDP Certified Public Accountants, LLP
Knife River Materials
Chrysten, Abigail and Emerine Lambert
Rick Mattos
Medford Fabrication
Neuman Hotel Group
Oregon Advanced Imaging
Pacific Office Automation
PayneWest Insurance
Perkins Coie LLP
Pasta Piatti
Pepsi-Cola Bottling
Bradley Personius
Professional Transportation Services, Inc.
Paul Rostykus
Payroll Specialties
Bob and Joyce Robertson
Jim and Valerie Root
Frank and Joan Rote
Rough & Ready Lumber Co.
Sesame Asian Kitchen
Siskiyou Outback Trail Run
Siskiyou Transportation, Inc.
Dennis and Sandra Slattery
Mary and James Smelcer
Patricia Smullin
Gregg and Annie Sorensen
Southern Oregon Chevy Dealers
Southern Oregon Subaru
TC Chevrolet, Inc.
Dan and Cindy Thomas
Hiram and Jeannine Towle
Valley Immediate Care
Bruce Van Zee
Shirley & Jim Williams

Black Diamond Donors – $500 – 999

Ashland General Hardware
Kristy Bond
Zach and Vicki Brombacher
Chris Cook
Foster Denman, LLP
Laura and Kent DeYarman
T.J. Ernst
Karen Evans
Pep Fujas
Tom and Mary Glatte
Ed & Susan Hanscom    HM Inc.
Mike Hays    Hays Oil
James and Rebecca Hills
David P Hyatt CPA PC
Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club
Darrel and Sheila Jarvis
John Kearns
Dennis Kendig
Roy and Sheila Kimball
Robert and Corinne Lombardi
Mahar Homes
Rick Mattos
Gordon Metz
Larry Meyer DDS
Andrew Miller
Hank Morgan
Mark A. Newberger Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Payroll Specialties, Inc.
Project A Inc.
R&S Industrial Supplies
Rogue Ski Shop
Sandra Sawyer
Dennis and Sandra Slattery
Mary and James Smelcer
Phillip Smith
Michael and Kathryn Stringer
Jim Teece and Dena Matthews
Valley View Winery
Gene and Carol Wolf

Blue Square Donors – $100 – 499

Pat Acklin and Ken Kigel
Paul and Rosemary Adalian
Rich Adams
Zakir Ali
Jon Allard
Scott and Gina Allen
Barbara Allen
Emile and Karen Amarotico
Muriel Ames and Rolar Yondorf
Craig Anderson
George and Patti Andries
Daniel and Kristen Arrigotti
Kirk and Angela Austbo
Julia Austbo
Shelley Austin and Matt Small
Gary and Joan Axon
Sean and Jennifer Bagshaw
Allen Baker and Suzanne Frey
Josh and Emily Barnes
Ms. Karen Basin
Julia and Brian Beattie
Hilary Best
Paul Birkholz
Susan and John Boehnke
Mr. Anthony Boom
TJ Bossard
Alex and Linda Boutacoff
John and Judit Bowling
Robert Bowlus and Elizabeth Bowlus-White
Pat Boyle and Penelope Longbottom
Jerry and Diane Bramwell
Christina Brown
Coe Brown
Jerald and Leslie Bryan
Katherine Bryon
Ken and Jolene Buccino
Jimmy Buehner
Dan Bulkley
Brian Burgess
Chuck and Linda Butler
Dave Bywater and Shelagh Forester
Christina Caetano
Nancy Cagle
Peter and Amy Carse
Mr. Bob Cartmell
Ms. Candace Cave
Edith Chezik and Jon Van Valkenburg
Susan Chichester
Will and Donna Chinn
Marcella and John Christensen
Owen Christiansen
Gayle Clason
Robb and Dea Collins
Donna Cook
Joanne Costantino
Joshua Cott and Caraway Timmins
Derek Cribb
Ronald and Susan Crowell
Chris Curtis and Mary Burnham-Curtis
Mark Daly
Ms. Judy Davidson
Jack and Julie Davis
Joe Davis
Don and Kristy Denman
Eva Dienel
Nick Dienel and Anne Herrick Dienel
Larry and Holly Drake
Steve Dungey
Pat Eagen
Yvonne Earnest
Mr. Gordon Enns
Fred Epstein
Chadwick and Frances Ertola
Jerry and Linda Evans
Karen Evans
Barbara Faurot
Jim and Nancy Freeman
Willamette Graystone
Airgas USA, LLC
Christina and Jesse Gallagher
Matthew Galli
Glenn Gelfenbein and Alaiya Aguilar
Lynn and Howard Getzoff
Gabriel Gilham
Sandra and George Gilman
Tom and Mary Glatte
Robert and Joy Grant
Jamie and Becky Grebosky
Dan Gregory
Jim and Dru Griffin
Robert Hague
Floyd Harmon
Jamie Harris
David Harter
Dan and Rhonda Hawkins
Douglas and Kerri Hecox
Marc Heller
Amy and Chris Herbst
Ashland Highschool Ski Team
Bill Hernon
James Hetland
Barbara Heyerman
Ty and Lauren Hisatomi
Jim and Heather Holdermann
Reed Hollings
Bart Hollowell
Monty and Carol Holst
Ed and Joann Houghton
Douglas Howard
Jean and Roger Hull
Ed and Sheila Hungerford
Jeff Hurd
Patrick and Shirley Huycke
Dan Hyde
Brad and C.J. Inman
Dan and Linda Jackson
Joe Jackson
Heidi Jacobson
Dennis and Julie Jarvi
Darrel and Sheila Jarvis
George Jenetopulos
Carol Jensen
Leigh Johnson
Steve Johnson
Janice Jones
Greg and Kathy Jones
Gary and Debbie Jones
Dan and Karen Kahn
John Kearns
Don and Dee Keenan
Scott and Julie Kimball
Sheila Kimball
John Kinard
Mr. Al Kincaid
Rickey King
Gary and Carol Klouda
Douglas Knudson
Frank Koster
Jason and Karin Kuhl
Ron and Roberta Laber
Anita Lai
Lois Langlois
Suzanne Lavine
Jim Le May and Marilyn Bailey
Denison and Jonathan Lee
Craig and Kayde Lemley
Amy Lepon
Les Scwab Tire
Monica Lewis
Charlie Lewis
Dottie Linville
Raymond and Vivian Locke
Robert and Corinne Lombardi
Jack and Cindy Luce
Arlene MacAdam
John and Julie MacDiarmid
Gary and Laurie MacGraw
Nathan Mack
David Maher
Jeff Mangin
Roy Marvin
Brian Mateja
Robert Mayer
D. R. McCarthy
Alan and Deborah McCreedy
Dennis McFall
Doug and Debra McGeary
Josh and Brynne Mcgrath
Wayne McHough
Diane and Kevin McKelvey
Shirley McNamee
Alfred Medley
Len and Faye Merryman
Andreas Met
Larry Meyer
J Miller
David Miller
Zach Miller
David Minter and Kim Larson
The Mitchells
Blair and Carol Moody
Mark and Caprice Moran
Mark Moran
Jean and Michael Morgan
Paul Nash
Daniel Nash
Clay Nelson
Paul Newcomb
Dr. Jerome Nitzberg
Brad and Babs Niva
John North
Wes and Cindy Norton
Linda Parazoo
Chuck Parlier
Melanie Plisskin
Mitchell Plummer
Sabrina Prudhomme
Frank and Barb Pulver
Jared Pulver
Kathy Quesenberry
Dean and Barbara Raniele
Darren and Kelly Ravassipour
Dennis Rawls
Ray Redpath and Judy Allen
Tom Reid and Marilyn Hanna
Mark and Rebecca Reitinger
David Reitz
Kai and Dana Reynolds
Donna and Ken Rhee
Shawn Richardson
Dan and Ketura Richmond
Christine Rio
Ted Ripley
Will Rodden
Dale and Kimberly Rooklyn
Katherine and Rand Roselli
Frank Rote
Michael and Jennifer Sallee
Jamie Schectman
Stanley Sesar
Vanston Shaw
Dan Shepherd
Vincent and Nancy Shubat
Stan Shulster and Katharyn Jean McElrath
Arthur and Joyce Sideras
Rob and Jamie Siems
Jeff and Wendy Sigel
Ken and Gayle Silverman
Lyn and James Sinko
Herb and Susan Six
Lynne and Doris Sjolund
Steve Skinner
Dr. Joel and Connie Slaughter
Ben Slaughter
Earle and Vanya Sloan
Snap Fitness
Patricia Snyder
Paul Sollie
David Steinfeld
Janet Steveley
Rick Stevens
Jim and Mary Helen Stringer
Eric and Emily Strong
Dan Stubblefield
Mr. Roy Sutton
Marion and Daniel Tambellini
Woodie Tesh and Susan Barr
Dan and Cindy Thomas
William and Angela Thorndike
Daniel Tomlinson
Deb and Jerry Toney
Ron and Pam Torrey
Dwight Tribelhorn
Cheryl and Richard Ugland
Richard Ukena
Steve Vincent
Carol Voisin
Travis Wallis
Bill Ward
David and Connie Wilkerson
Greg and Valri Williams
Kathy Wixon and Abe Genack
Dr. Ron Worland
Allan and Colette Wright
David Young

Green Circle Donors – $1 – 99

Allen + Gibson Group
David and Dawn Allen
John Ames
Joe Andrews
Ermanno Arizzi
Steve Armitage and Debra Kalmakav
Barbara Bailey
Chris Ball
Adam Barber
Cynthia Barnard
Donald Barry
Lodi Belford
Brian Berg
Briana Bergan
James Berge
Cindy Biles
Jordan Billingsley
Jim Boeckl
Karen Bolda and Bill Meyers
Eli Booth
Sam Both
Ann Bouse
John Breckenridge
David Brennan and Kate Kennedy
Gordon Bristlin
Kurt Brombacher
Linda Butler
Chip Buxton
Toby Byrum
Peter Campbell
William Carvalho-Powell
Hersey Healthcare
David Clough
Daniel Collay
Marcia Connolly
Amy Cuddy
Dave Dedinsky
Roger Dellinger
Al Densmore
Chris Dow
Charles Dunnick
Dennis Facchino
Anne Farrell
Judith Faulkner
Kirstin Faurot
Margo Findley
Rory Finney
Steve and Cindi Fisher
Martha Fitzgerald
Jon and Cynthia Forsyth
Robert Fries
Greg Gassman
Tim and Cathy Gerking
Thomas and Mary Gillespie
Parker Gokey
Stephen and Patricia Goldman
Donald Gordon
Eric Gotfried
Craig Grossmann
Doug and Sheila Hamel
Barry and Susan Hamilton
Kip Hampton
Noriko Hansen
Garry and Shona Harris
Mike Heathman
Dawn Hensler
Rick and Carlene Hester
Thor Hogenstad
Nicco Holt
Percy Holtzman
Gabe Howe
Daniel Hughes
Marcia and Jennifer Hunter
John Jackson
Gus Janeway
Dale Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Janice Jones
Derek Jones
Ken and Laura Jones
Judy and Peter Jones
Jessica Jones
Meghan Jones
Ron Jordan
David Kahn
Kathleen Kelley
Ken and Cheryl Kempner
Sue Kline
Scott Knox
Douglas and Tracy Kraft
Jeffrey Kroon
Carmen Kruschke
Edgar Kupillas
Jack and Mary Kyman
George Landreth
Ron Lang
Tom Legg
Janet Leifur
Bill Little and Hailey Kuhn
Max Longshore
Ivan Lund
Brett and Susie Lutz
Daniel and Carlie Mahar
James and Rosa Manfredi
Jeff Mann
Joseph Manning
David Markewitz
Greer and Donna Markle
Megan and Gary Marks
Todd and Sara Marthoski
Renee and Jerry Masters
Ms. Margaret McGeary
Harvey Meier
Robert Mengis
Steve and Kathy Meyer
Clifford and Kitty Meyer
Toshio Miyake
Mike Montgomery
Michael Mooney
Colby Morgan
Michael Morrison
Brian Morse
Eric Mullen and Yvette Provosty
Connie Murphy
Paula Musich and Stacy Trumbull
Rob and Amy Nangle
Paula Nelson
Mark Newberger
Ann O’Boyle
Mary O’Kief
Barbara and David Olmstead
Jack Opgenorth and Mary Lindon
Mr. Earl Parrish
Larry Pearson
Francois Pepin
George and Sally Peterson
Steve and Rebecca Pierce
Tim Place
Arden Prehn
Reser’s Fine Foods
Vicki Purslow
Dawn Reiss
Katy Repp
John and Tommie Retzlaff
Larry Richie
Paul Rickerson and Goly Ostovar
Jani Rollins and David Weber
Zack Rote
Laura Russell
Dr. John Sager
Patti and Jere Sandefur
Mountain Riders Alliance
A J Schultz
Gregory Scott
Lee Seater
Stefani Seffinger
Dylan Shade
Barbara Sibley
Amy Sisemore
Ms. Anne Sloan
David Smith
Ned Sokol
Paul and Joy Spillan
James Spillan
Matthew St. Peter
Trish Stayer and Mark Shibley
Paul Stout
Randall Stroh
Teresa Stumpenhaus
Travis Stumpff
Greg Swartz
Jay Taylor
Tracy Taylor
Ashley Teren
Christine Trandinh
Dana Tuley
Cleveland Twitchell
Gina Velando
Frances Vlahos-Rohm
Leander Wade
Brice Walters
Brice R R Walters
Frank Watson
David and Lauri Westerberg
Joe Wismann
Gerald Wisnia
Michael Wisnovsky
Tom Woodard
Jeff and Nina Works
Chris Wren
Taylor York
Bryant Zwart