Mt. Ashland has two terrain parks, with features for all levels of riders. We welcome all freestylers to our terrain parks. We hope you enjoy your time in the parks and we want everyone to use the parks in a safe manner so everyone can have a great time.

*Updated 3/26/17 at noon*

Blossom Park:

2 Jumps

2 Rails

1 Box

Center Stage Park:

  • One 15 foot jump
  • Two 25 foot jumps
  • 22′ Down Rail
  • 24′ Down Flat Down Rail
  • 22′ Up to Flat Rail
  • 8′ Jam Skate Rail
  • 10′ Flat Box
  • 22′ Flat Rail
  • 12′ Flat Dow Rail
  • Box Rail Coping on Quarter Pipe
  • Horizontal Box on Quarter Pipe
  • Tree Stall on Quarter Pipe
  • Vert corrugated on Quarter Pipe
  • Flat Corrugated Transfer to Flat Corrugated