Whether you need a new toe strap, major base repairs, or just an edge and wax, the Mt. Ashland Tune & Repair Center will get you back on the slopes with fast, friendly service. The Center is located next to the Rental Shop, and is open 9-4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday or by appointment.  Email service request to: grindguy1976@gmail.com

 Tune & Repair Center Service Menu  Ski or Snowboard
 Special Arrangements Can Be Made brianmcqueen1976grindguy@gmail.com
 Belt Tune  (edge sharpen, hot wax)  $20
 Full Tune (basic tune + base fill & beveled edges)  $35
 Hot Wax  $10
 Snowboard Install $15
 Ski Binding Torque Test & Adjust  $15
 Nuts & Bolts  $1
 Leash $6
 Ladder Strap $6
 Ratchet Receptor $6
 Toe or Ankle Strap $10
 Pole Basket $5
 Shop Labor ($3 minimum) $36/hour