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Mt. Ashland Lodge Remodel Project

We’re spending $1.7 million to restore and improve the historic Mt. Ashland Lodge. Please support this important project.

$125,000 Matching Gift Challenge - Goal Reached!

Sid and Karen DeBoer recently toured the renovated Mt. Ashland Lodge. Inspired by all of the wonderful improvements, they issued a challenge to our community on the spot. They matched all donations and pledges in the month of December 2017 supporting the Mt. Ashland Lodge Remodel Project.

<<UPDATE: We blew past our original $100,000 goal! In December, we received more than $125,000 in donations supporting the Mt. Ashland Lodge remodel project. Wow! Thanks so much!  To-date, we’ve received $1,400,000 in donations supporting the project. Project costs exceeded $1.6 million.>>

We welcome you to make a gift online here or send in your donation (here is a donation form) or pledge (here is a pledge form) to the Mt. Ashland Association at PO Box 220, Ashland, Oregon 97520.

Thanks so much!

With your support, we’ve reinvested in our 52-year-old lodge to make it better serve our guests, be more comfortable, and finally give us the gorgeous views of Mt. Ashland from inside. If you’ve visited our lodge on a busy weekend day during previous ski seasons, you know that the place needed to be improved. And we did so with your generous support. In 1992, our community joined together to raise $1.7 million to “Save Mt. Ashland.” In 2017, with 25 years of community ownership, we’re celebrating by investing $1.6 million in our most treasured and important asset, our historic lodge. As a community, we have an obligation to ensure that this iconic symbol of Southern Oregon continues to serve guests for many more generations.

Proposed Lodge Main Floor Plan
Crowded Lodge
Rental Shop walk
Proposed Lodge Lower Level

These are the projects we undertook:

Two currently-unused outdoor decks were covered and enclosed
The center staircase was moved to one of the newly-enclosed rooms
A more comfortable and spacious ski-in, ski-out locker room replaced the rental shop
The rental shop was moved to the lodge lower level
The Café entrance was moved away from the front door and accessed from the opposite side
The roof will be replaced in 2018

Virtual Hardhat Tours

August 9, 2017

September 8, 2017

September 22, 2017

September 13, 2017

November 10, 2017

Your financial support for the project is crucial.

Please invest in your Lodge today.

Your financial support for the project is crucial.

Please invest in your Lodge today.

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