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Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays?

We have been asked by a handful of people why we are not open Tuesday and Wednesday so I would like to share the facts surrounding our operating schedule. Our operations calendar has reflected us being closed this Tuesday and Wednesday from the start of the season. Although we are committed to providing the most skiing and riding possible, our number one priority is to be financially responsible. It has been a tremendous season with our every expectation exceeded, but we still have much work to do to secure Mt. Ashland’s place in the community for all future generations. We are committed to the necessary work to protect the assets we have with robust maintenance and wise capital expenditures. Although we have made good headway with this fantastic season, we still have a long difficult road ahead.

Our daily operating costs are approximately $8,600 which includes wages, utilities, fuel, and insurance. Our average weekday revenue over the last thirty days has been only $6,250 so we are losing on average $2,350 for every weekday we are open, and that will get worse as the season marches on. History shows clearly that as the season winds down, so do the skier visits and revenue. It is just a fact in the ski industry, and we are not unique in this trend. Today was an amazing powder day with a foot of snowfall throughout the day, yet we lost several thousand dollars and posted a lower Monday skier visit total than we have all year.

It is now more than ever that we need to move cautiously forward, and that means not adding unscheduled operating days where we will most likely lose money. Since we must strike the delicate balance between days of operation and financial stability we choose at this time to stick with our published schedule and not to add any additional weekdays even during Spring Break.

We will consider adding additional weekend days following our official closing date of Sunday, April 10. We choose this way of giving something back to all of you as it serves the greatest possible number of guests and is less of a risk of revenue loss. These days can only be considered however if our loyal skiers and riders continue to show up and fill our parking lot. If we receive an average of 1000 skier visits per day during our final Saturday and Sunday of operation we will open for one more weekend on Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17. So tell all your Mt. Ashland friends to continue to come up for Local Mountain Fun and ensure that those bonus days can become a reality.

The entire team thanks you for tremendous support this season and all the ones before. We have an amazing family here at Mt. Ashland and we are committed to serving all of you as best we can while ensuring that this wonderful community ski area remains here for all future generations.

Hiram Towle
Mt. Ashland General Manager

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