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Dummy Downhill

Dummy Downhill

March 15, 2020 @ 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Mt. Ashland Ski Area
11 Mt Ashland Ski Rd
Ashland, OR 97520
Michael Stringer


Come one, come all to the 2020 Dummy Downhill at Mt. Ashland!

Participants build a dummy on skis (or atop a snowboard) that gets launched off a big jump just downhill from our Lodge to the delight of all spectators. This wacky event is fun for the whole family–skiers and non-skiers alike. Start building your dummies now because there is going to be a stiff competition in 2019.

Contest Rules:

  1. The Dummy cannot weigh more than 125 lbs.
  2. The Dummy must be mounted on one snowboard or two skis
  3. The Dummy can not have any glass, ceramic, or sharp metal objects
  4. No explosives or fire involved in the dummy’s design or function
  5. The Dummy must be submitted at Mt. Ashland by 10:00am on March 15, 2020


A panel of judges will score Dummies on originality at 11:00am. This will comprise 50% of the total score. A panel of judges will also score the Dummies on a downhill run at 1:00pm. The downhill run comprises the other 50% of the total score.  During the downhill, judges will score for a straight approach to the jump, the height the Dummy achieves, and the landing. All criteria is totally subjective. 

To print your registration form in advance click here!



First Place: 2020-21 Mt. Ashland Season Pass!

Second Place: $100 Mt. Ashland Gift card

Third Place: TBD!



10:00am – All Dummies must be registered. Register your Dummy at the Ticket Desk on the Main Floor of the Lodge. Leave your dummy on the walkway from the Parking Lot to the Lodge.

10:00am-1:00pm – Dummies will be on display on the walkway from the parking lot to the Lodge. Dummy registrants are welcome to go skiing and enjoy the slopes.

1:00pm – Dummies will be launched one at a time off of the launch ramp. You can learn a lot from a Dummy.

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