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Mountain Blessing Ceremony

April 20, 2017 @ 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Mt. Ashland Ski Area
11 Mt Ashland Ski Rd
Medford, OR 97504
Robert Brothers

Mt. Ashland invites one and all to a multi-cultural mountain blessing ceremony at the ski area.

Event organizers offer this message:

Different Cultures in Common Prayer for Our Common Ground ~ Mother Earth

No speeches, no sermons, only uninterrupted prayers, spoken and musical — all heart!

Offering prayers will be Meredith McFadden (sound crystal healing bowl), Peg Delugo (Grandmother’s Song in Lakota, vocals, hand drum), Jack Falls-Rock of (Pit River (vocals, hand drum), Robert “Bobcat” Brothers (Good News for the Earth), Nancy Bloom (vocals, hand drum, and a new song), Windsong (vocals and guitar), Jessica Verdugo-Robinson & Rocky Verdugo, Dena Nickell (Siksika Blackfoot/Sauk), Diego & Beth (Rainbow Family troubadours), Ron Griffman (Karuk/Shasta), Elka (vocals), Spirit Closing will be with prayers with the water in a crystal healing bowl on the altar.

Oh Mount Ashland, Ahl-ke-tah, Cloud catcher, Snow holder, Water giver

A sound crystal healing bowl will be in the center of the circle, with waters brought from sacred places to soak up our prayers, and then to bless ourselves with at close of ceremony, to be scattered on the snow to bless the Mountain.
In years past, Prema Mayi has brought water from the sacred rivers of India, but this year her son and his wife, Krishna Deva & Isha Devi, are expecting a child soon, and so Prema is passing the sacred water to Bobcat – continuing to strengthen the connection between sacred places, world-wide.

If you have ever attended, please join us again to celebrate the Mountain, and celebrate the energies of all the amazing people who have offered their prayers here, spoken or musical over the last ten years — and all the thousands of years before that: Takelma, Shasta, Karuk, Dakubetede, Klamath and more.

And if you haven’t, please let us welcome you to *everyone’s church*, Nature, where our unity is felt through the common ground beneath our feet.


4 – 6:30pm, Bellview Grange, 1050 Tolman, Ashland

Please BYOE, including dishes, cups, and utensils

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