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Everyone Is Welcome At Mt. Ashland

Mt. Ashland is a Place for Everyone

Mt. Ashland Ski Area is a 501(c)3 nonprofit owned by the Mt. Ashland Association. The Board of Directors and senior team want to make our views on racism–as well as diversity and inclusion–public.

The mission of the Association is to “provide and promote a healthy quality experience in an alpine environment.” This statement addresses all populations (i.e., skiers, snowboarders, children, adults, residents of Ashland, Grants Pass, etc.) and that is intentional. We want to provide a healthy, quality experience for anyone who wishes to join us at the ski area.

We support the Black Lives Matter movement. And we support our employees and guests who also choose to support this movement. We do not condone racism in any form. We stand in support of all people.

We recognize that the diversity of participants in winter snow sports is limited. We actively support and endeavor to increase the diversity of the sport. We strive to make Mt. Ashland a place where all people feel welcome.

We join in sorrow and resolve with those who call out the names of George Floyd and far too many others. Working together, we can make this world a better place, for one and all.

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