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Mt. Ashland Is…

A community-focused ski area operated by a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an outstanding alpine recreation experience for people of all ages and skill levels. As an asset to the community, we remain true to our core values: it is a local ski hill with great snow, exciting terrain, providing access to a diverse alpine environment and a fun family atmosphere.

Our Promise is…

To remain a cherished community resource for generations to come. Mt. Ashland is most effective when it serves local residents and visitors alike, making them all feel welcome and that the mountain is their own. As an important member of the Southern Oregon community, we always strive to do better to provide enjoyment for the whole family, develop strategic partnerships, and care for our alpine environment.

To enhance the guest experience we promise to manage the ski area with customer service as our top priority. Because our terrain balance favors more experienced skiers and boarders, our goal is to help newcomers progress and develop the skills needed to negotiate our terrain. Our ski area provides adventures for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. Each guest is seeking a different experience and we are dedicated to doing our best to ensure the visitor experience is enjoyable at every level.

Mt. Ashland is an exciting place to be outdoors in winter.
Our skiing terrain is relatively small, but contains enough variety and receives enough snow that it is worth experiencing many times throughout the ski season. Since Mt. Ashland is conveniently located a short distance from the communities we serve, and we strive to communicate road and snow conditions in real time, our guests can rely on taking spontaneous trips to get the best possible experience.

Mt. Ashland introduces snow sports to the community.
We are committed to creating the next generation of skiers and boarders. We provide a diverse range of instruction programs that are designed to meet people where they are – both in terms of skill level as well as economic means. We support other nonprofit community groups with lift ticket donations and are always looking to develop new strategic partnerships.

Mt. Ashland cares for our alpine environment.
We understand that we can always do a better job caring for the sensitive alpine environment at Mt. Ashland. Since the ski area is located in the headwaters region of several important streams, we are committed to do our best to protect them. We carefully manage the ski area to encourage growth of our unique plants and animals. We recognize the very real threat of global climate change so we are dedicated to becoming leaders in managing all aspects of our environmental impact.

Mt. Ashland is a vital community of engaged citizens.
Mt. Ashland is dedicated to the communities it serves. Our goal is to provide fun and enjoyment for all demographics and social classes. Our community is made up of many different opinions. We celebrate everyone’s different views and will collaborate together to find the best solutions.

All members of our community have a voice. We are meeting the needs of our community by actively listening to stakeholders. We encourage feedback from all of our stakeholders and will use that feedback to enhance our guest experience.

Mt. Ashland cares about our customers and donors.
We want to become a leader in environmental stewardship, implementing the latest sustainability initiatives. We are committed to transparency in all of our actions in order to build and maintain the trust of our community. We rely on the generosity of our community to help us provide great programs, keep prices within reach and make capital improvements. Our donors support Mt. Ashland because it is an affordable, unique experience that enhances the lives of Rogue Valley residents. Donations enable the ski area to remain accessible to a broader range of social classes.

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s backcountry skiing on Mount Ashland grew in popularity among local residents, prompting some to envision a developed ski area.

During 1961 to 1963, the Mount Ashland Corporation raised money to clear trees, grade terrain, build roads, and develop a ski area.

In 1992 a grassroots effort raised two million dollars to “Save Mount Ashland” from the loss of our local ski area. The Mt. Ashland Association was born.

Since that time, Mt. Ashland has been a community-focused ski area that is owned and operated by the non-profit Mt. Ashland Association, operating under a special use permit from the US Forest Service.

Mt. Ashland is dedicated to providing Local Mountain Fun for people of all ages and skill levels. We offer numerous opportunities for young people to experience the thrill of winter sports at a very affordable cost.  About 10% of participants pay nothing to take part in these programs.

Mt. Ashland relies on the generosity of our community to help provide great programs, keep prices within reach and make capital improvements. As a community-based non-profit, our generous donors help support Mt. Ashland to ensure it remains an affordable, unique experience that enhances the lives of Rogue Valley residents.

History of Mt. Ashland

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