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Support Mt. Ashland

The Mt. Ashland Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth development, healthy outdoor recreation, and improving lives.

Our board and staff work hard to fulfill a promise that no child is turned away because of inability to pay for our student youth ski and snowboard programs. Our programs and activities offer positive, life-changing experiences for youth and those in need. We ask you to help ensure that this remains possible this season and many more to follow. Please consider a generous donation to our Local Mountain Fund to help us in this effort.

Because of folks like you, Mt Ashland remains a great value – with outstanding terrain and small-town charm. Your thoughtful gift will support our Local Mountain Fund, which supports improvements to the ski area and ensures that anyone who wishes to try out winter sports may do so.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today – and support the great programs we provide to our community.

More Ways to Support the Mt. Ashland Association

Donor Passes

Upgrade your Season Pass to a Donor Pass with a $100 tax-deductible contribution.

A Donor Pass puts you in a special group of people who help Mt. Ashland by making a contribution to support great programs like the Student Youth Ski and Snowboard Program, improvements to the guest experience, and great services like the Mt. Ashland Shuttle.

Gifts of Stock

Stock – Appreciated stock publicly traded or closely held stock

Gifts of Stock to the Mt. Ashland Association are a great way to reduce your tax burden and help create the next generation of skiers and boarders.

To avoid capital gains taxes on your appreciated stock, you can donate the stock to Mt. Ashland, a 501(c)3 charity.

How it works:

  1. It can be sold by a broker or owner
  2. Ascertain fair market value ( i.e. Wall Street Journal)
  3. After it is sold the assets are transferred to the Mt. Ashland Association

Please contact Philanthropy & Partnerships Director Tiffany Schmelzer for details.

IRAs & Retirement Plans

Individual Retirement Accounts and Retirement Plans

How it works:

  1. If instead of another person, you gift your IRA distribution to the Mt. Ashland Association, you can claim a deduction for your gift. The deduction is an itemized deduction, so in order to take advantage of the tax break, you have to forgo your standard deduction. However, the deduction is limited to a maximum of 50 percent of your adjusted gross income for the year and may be only 30 percent depending on the charity to which you make the donation.


Qualified Charitable Distributions

  1. You can gift money directly from your IRA to a charity if you meet certain criteria. The distribution must be a required minimum distribution and you must be over 70 1/2 years old. In addition, you must have the trustee of your IRA transfer the money directly from the IRA to the Mt. Ashland Association and the amount of the qualified charitable distribution can’t exceed $100,000. The advantage to using a qualified charitable distribution to gift your IRA to the Mt. Ashland Association is you don’t have to report the distribution as income and then itemize your deductions to claim the tax break.

Donor Advised Funds

A DAF is a centralized vehicle for charitable giving that makes it easy for donors to dedicate funds to support their favorite nonprofit organization. It also provides an operationally convenient and tax-efficient method for donors to manage their charitable giving.

With a DAF, charitably inclined individuals, families, and businesses make an irrevocable gift to a public charity that sponsors a donor-advised fund program, and may take an immediate tax deduction. Donors can then recommend grants over time to IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) public charities. DAFs also allow donors to approach their charitable giving thoughtfully by involving other family members or colleagues in their philanthropic decisions. Most DAFs accept donations of long-term appreciated securities and other assets, and donors can advise how the funds are invested, which could potentially allow tax-free growth, and could result in more money for your charity.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

How it works:

  1. Donors can make a sizable face value gift for a minimal outlay of cash.
  2. May give an existing policy ( fully paid, partially paid or a new policy)
  3. Naming the Mt. Ashland Association as beneficiary. Upon the donor’s death, the Mt. Ashland Association will receive all or portions designated from the policy.
  4. The donor is entitled to a charitable income tax deduction equal to the cash surrender value of the property and any future premiums paid only if the Mt. Ashland Association is named as the owner and beneficiary of the policy

Real Estate

Real Estate

How it works:

  1. Real estate is donated or by bequest, reviewing the real estate checklist.
  2. Acceptance is subject to the approval of the Mt. Ashland Board of Directors


  • You may change your bequest or trust designation at any time
  • You control the funding property during your lifetime
  • Your bequest or trust designation will not be subject to any potential federal estate tax
  • You provide future support for the Mt. Ashland Association

Thank you!

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