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This is a list of questions that our guests ask us frequently in regards to the 2020-21 ski season, given the restraints placed because of the ongoing pandemic.

Tickets & Passes

Will there be a reservation system?

At this time season pass holders will not be required to reserve a space on the hill. However, if the number of pass holders alone starts to exceed our daily carrying capacity we may have to implement a reservation system for passholders. Individual day lift tickets will be available for sale in advance only. Your lift ticket for a specific day will act as a reservation. You will receive redemption options from your online purchase and will present that at either the ticket booth on the locker lodge deck, or at the outdoor ticket booth located near the lodge. The ticket counter inside the lodge will be for ski school and rental check in only.

What is the best way to guarantee I can ski/ride on a certain day?

Season pass holders have the best chance of being able to ski on all days we are open. If a season pass is not for you, we recommend purchasing a lift ticket through our website as far in advance as possible. All lift ticket purchases must be made in advance.

Can I buy lift tickets in person at the mountain?

No. Please purchase lift tickets in advance. We offer the best prices the further out you purchase your tickets.

How can I see if lift tickets are available for a certain date?

Please visit our lift ticket cloudstore for tickets available on the day you are interested in visiting.

Under what circumstances would you limit day ticket sales?

We may limit capacity on the mountain in order to ensure safety protocols such as physical distancing can be maintained. Based on this capacity, there is a possibility that lift tickets will be limited or unavailable for certain dates. Purchase your lift ticket well in advance to ensure your access to the mountain.

What is the best way to find out if and when you are limiting ticket sales?

The best way to ensure you get to ride on any day you choose is to purchase a season pass. If you only plan on skiing certain days, please plan ahead and purchase your day ticket in as far in advance as possible. We make important announcements first via our text alert system. Sign up today by texting “mtashland” to 24587. We will also make announcements on our Mountain Report page and our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter social media channels when time allows. If we are sold out, the online purchasing system will simply indicate that there are not tickets available on that day.

I have a voucher/punch card issued for the 2019-2020 ski season. Can I use it this year?

The state of Oregon required us to close in mid-March 2020 because of the global pandemic. At that time, we announced that we would honor the following products issued for the 2019-2020 ski season:

  • Costco 3-visit punch cards
  • Yellow lift ticket vouchers

All vouchers still require reservations. Please visit our cloud store and select the day you wish to visit. There will be an option for a no-cost reservation that will ask for your voucher number.

Getting Here

Will things in the parking lot be different?

Yes and no. We will not be asking guests to park any closer to another car that exceeds the guest’s comfort level. We do appreciate it when our guests Park Smart, One Door Apart, but that might not be your thing this year and we’re OK with that too. We do ask our guests to maintain physical distancing and wear a face covering when distancing is not possible. This may include getting in and out of your vehicle.

We ask guests to limit groups in any particular area to no more than ten people. We will be requiring face coverings at all of the places where people gather, including on or around the ski lifts, so please don’t forget to bring it with you when you leave the parking lot.

Many people have asked us about bringing campers and setting up tents. We ask that you consider all of our guest’s needs and not take up any more space than you need to park your vehicle, and get ready for your day. On several days a season we exceed our capacity in the lot and have to turn guests away. Without our usual tight spacing of one door apart, we fear that we will have to turn even more people around than usual. Even on less crowded days we could see more people forced to the back parking lot which is not an ideal situation.

Behaviors in the lot are overseen by the US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, so please consider your activities in the lot carefully and check with the US Forest service should you have any questions about what is allowed. Overnight camping is not allowed in the parking lot, and a sno-park permit is required.

Can I buy a Sno-Park permit at the mountain?

Yes, but to reduce the amount of on-mountain transactions, lines, and touch points, we ask that you purchase your Sno-Park permit in advance. Annual Sno-Park permits can be purchased online or at select retailers such as Bi-Mart. They will not be available from DMV locations at this time.

Will the Free Shuttle be running this winter?

No. We have suspended operations for our shuttle this season. A major funding partner backed out and it would be prohibitively expensive to run the transportation system while meeting currently-mandated safety protocols.

Can I bring up my RV?

Recreational vehicles are allowed to park in the Mt. Ashland parking lot. Unfortunately, these vehicles can take up much more space in a very limited parking area than other vehicles. They can also be very challenging to bring up to the ski area safely when our roads are snow- and ice-covered. We kindly request that you consider the possible crowding on certain days and leave your RV at home this winter and use your vehicle as your day lodge.

At the Ski Area

What are the ski season opening and closing dates?

We traditionally plan to open the second Saturday in December and generally close the second Sunday in April, though we often offer a bonus weekend at the end of the season. It is important to know that the length and continuity of the season is never guaranteed. We do not have snow-making and are completely dependent on natural snowfall to open the ski area. We are always subject to mid-season closures due to weather or other things beyond our control such as changes imposed due to COVID19.

Will the ski lodge be open?

Yes, but due to current capacity regulations the lodge is open only for those renting our equipment and ski school participants. In order to be able to safely continue to grow the next generation of skiers and riders, we are asking guests to use their vehicle as their day lodge. If you are not planning to ski or ride, please do not plan on spending any time at all in the lodge–we just do not have enough capacity.

What are the food and beverage options this year?

We do not plan to offer any food or beverage service this year. As a nonprofit organization, we have chosen to devote the limited space in our ski lodge to those who are learning to ski and ride. Please plan to bring food, water, extra clothing, and blankets for your vehicle, as it will be your only day lodge option.

People often ask about food trucks. This seems like a sensible solution to feed people outdoors. Unfortunately, offering a consistent source of warm food and beverages from a small truck would only be able to serve a small portion of guests on a busy day. And many days it would be too cold and/or windy in our parking lot to operate. In addition, most food trucks, while perfectly functional in an urban environment, are not built to travel up 4,000 feet on the ski area access road and operate in our alpine environment in winter.

Are you limiting capacity on the mountain?

Passholders will not be limited at this time, but tickets will be. It is not our intention to limit access to the mountain, however, we may need to take some measures to maintain a safe and responsible experience for our guests by managing skier volume. If we need to address volume, there may be a limit on how many day lift tickets are available for sale during specific days of the season. Availability of lift tickets will be controlled by the fact that sales are only available online and we can adjust inventory based on a variety of variables. Please note that lift ticket sales may be restricted at any time, so we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance as early as possible.

Will you be limiting capacity in the lodge?

Yes. The lodge will be open only to guests renting gear or students participating in our ski school programs. In order to ensure we can meet the varying needs of our guests while ensuring physical distancing, we will have very limited capacity available in the lodge. A face covering will be required in and around the lodge. We ask all other guests to consider the vehicle in which they arrived as their day lodge.

Will you be limiting chairlift capacity?

We will ask that guests arriving together ride the lifts together. Singles will not be asked to pair up, but encouraged to ride alone instead. Mazes and lift lines will be set up to facilitate physical distancing. Face coverings will be mandatory in lines, loading and unloading, and while riding lifts. Guests should be prepared for mazes to extend up some trails when lines get long so it will be more important than ever to pay attention to slow signs and ski and ride with extreme caution near our base areas.

Will Twilight Skiing be offered on Thursday and Friday nights?

No. This season, we will not offer night skiing.

Will guests be able to rent annual lockers?

No. To ensure adequate physical distancing for our valued employees as well as give us a place to perform daily health check-ins with each employee, the Locker Lodge will be locked and used exclusively by employees. We ask our guests to consider the vehicle in which they arrived as their day lodge. Previous annual locker holders will be able to renew their locker next season.

What will restroom facilities look like?

In order to protect the health of our guests and staff, use of our restrooms in the ski lodge will be limited to staff, guests in the process of renting equipment, and students participating in our ski school programs. Restrooms are also offered at the Locker Lodge. We will have port-a-potties set up in the parking lot as in recent years.  Staff will be cleaning and disinfecting restrooms throughout the day in accordance with OHA guidelines.

Lessons & Rentals

Will you be offering ski and snowboard rentals this winter?

Yes. Guests must reserve gear rentals at least two days in advance to ensure an efficient rental process. This will enable our staff to pre-set rental gear ahead of time and efficiently move guests into and through the rental shop to get guests out on the hill in a timely manner. It also allows time to adequately sanitize gear between uses. Rentals must be paid for and reserved two days in advance through our website.


Will you be offering ski school this winter?

Yes. We will be offering ski school this winter with limited capacity and small group sizes. We will not offer lessons to anyone younger than the age of 7. Ski School lessons must be paid for and reserved at least two days in advance through our website.

Will you be offering school-based programs?

Yes, but without night skiing, all school-based programs will be run on weekdays. Students will need to register individually on our website. We recommend checking with the student’s school or district to see if there is a program coordinator to help with registration and for program information. Once the student is registered, we will send a code for reserving a spot at the ski area on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday morning or afternoon. Each registered student will be allotted 4 slots and we recommend the student work with her/his volunteer school program coordinator to schedule times when the students can be on the mountain together. School program participants and those renting equipment are the only guests allowed in the ski lodge this winter.

Will you mail me my Season Pass?

We would love to! The best way to ensure everyone’s safety is to purchase your season pass online. New this year, you have an opportunity to upload a recent photo as part of the season pass purchase.  To have your pass mailed, please submit your request here.  Click here for instructions on uploading your season pass photo.

What if I need to pick up my Season Pass in person?

If you need to pick up your pass in-person (college passes and newcomers to our system require in-person verification), our Ashland office at 693 Washington Street will be open Monday through Friday 9-5. We are asking that folks get their pass pictures taken and pick up their passes in advance to limit lines at the mountain when we open.

A staff member will be there to accept payment and print out your pass. If you are interested in a college season pass, this would also be the opportunity for you to show verification that you are registered currently. If you have a child getting her/his first season pass, this would be your opportunity to show us the birth certificate. We have a pass printing station set up there and we will be able to hand you your pass through the window. If a line has formed, please respect social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering.

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