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Mt. Ashland Uphill Use Policy

Current Uphill Status
Updated 12/1/23
Uphill travel is permitted in accordance with the following policy at this time:.  

Starting Saturday, December 2: Public access between 8am-4pm is only permitted on Aisle 1, Aisle 2, Poma, Lodge Poma, Rodger’s Way, and Caliban.  There are no restrictions during other hours.

Beginning Opening Day: An uphill access pass is required at all times and the following policy applies:

NEW: Get uphill-specific text updates from the mountain!  To sign-up, text UPHILL to 541-500-0124.

Mt. Ashland Ski Area is excited to offer Uphill access for the 2023-24 season.  Uphill Access Armbands are $45 per person, proceeds of which will be dedicated to mountain safety programs.  To purchase, all Uphill Access users must watch the Uphill Access Safety Education video before they are redirected to the purchase page.  All Uphill Access customers must sign an uphill specific waiver, uphill policy and the Uphill Access Code of Conduct.  Armbands can be picked up beginning in late November.  Armbands will not be mailed.

Please Read Carefully

Mt. Ashland hosts a passionate community of skiers and riders who like to ascend the mountain the old-fashioned way.  For the safety of our employees and guests, uphill travel rules are in effect anytime there is snow on the mountain to turn on.  The rules govern which routes you can take to the summit and when.  We work closely with the U.S. Forest Service to craft our uphill policy, and it’s supported by the Mt. Ashland Special Use Permit and Operating Plan.

These rules are about safety.  Limiting uphill travel to specified routes and times allows our team to conduct important ski area projects and routine maintenance.  It also reduces the likelihood of series accidents on our slopes- collisions between uphill and downhill skiers, as well as encounters with grooming equipment.  The uphill policy is designed to protect you, your fellow guests, and our employees.

The only forms of authorized uphill travel are by means of skinning or snowshoeing.  The only forms of authorized downhill travel are by means of skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.  Sleds, fatbikes, snowbikes, and other devices are not permitted at any time.  Please read this guide to understand the policy, know the approved routes up and down the mountain and when they are open, and safely enjoy your trek up the mountain!



All Uphill Access users must watch the Uphill Access Safety Education video before beginning the purchase process.  Users must electronically sign the policy, waiver, and code of conduct.  Armbands can be picked up beginning in late November.  This armband must be visible at all times.


Uphill Access may be unavailable with little notice, as needed to maintain mountain operations or public safety.  All or portions of terrain described below may be closed.  Always check the Uphill Access information board before entering the ski area.

On Operating Days:

On days that the ski area is open, Uphill Access is available 5:30am – 8:30am.  All users must be off the trails by 8:30am- it is your responsibility to account for travel time climbing out of the base area.

Uphill routes are only Rodger’s Way, Caliban, Dream, Lodge Poma, Aisle One, and Aisle Two.  The Falstaff Route is not permitted.

Downhill routes are only Rodger’s Way, Caliban, Dream, Pistol, Lodge Poma, Poma, Aisle One, and Aisle Two.  All other terrain, including the Bowl is closed.


On Closed Days:

On non-holiday weeks, Uphill Access is available from 5:00pm Mondays until 8:30am Wednesdays.   All routes are open for uphill and downhill travel, except the Bowl and associated terrain.


During Operating Hours:

Access is open to those with an Uphill Access Armband via a designated skintrack along the southeast boundary at skier’s right of Ado; this route ends at the Balcony rock and may not access higher on Balcony.  This is a technical route and subject to low snow conditions.  This is the only uphill route during operating hours.  Uphill Access Armband holders may descend any route from this location, but must travel back to the parking lot unless they have a lift ticket for the day—there is no in-bounds uphill route out of lift base during operating hours.



  • Uphill Access Armband must be visible at all times and participant must carry their photo ID. Those without a pass will be told to turn around.
  • Travel uphill on designated routes. Travel downhill on designated routes.  Only enter the ski area during designated times.
  • Only two people side-by-side across the fall line.
  • Two lights must be worn and turned on between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:30am. One must be a headlamp and the other must be a flashing rear-facing light (dual headlamp acceptable).  Must wear reflective clothing.
  • Stay completely to the edge of ski trails while traveling uphill. Do not hike or stand in the middle of a ski trail.  Do not transition in the middle of a ski trail.
  • Observe posted signs, warnings, and trail closures.
  • Look uphill, yield to and avoid all downhill skiers.
  • Yield to and avoid all ski area machinery. Vehicles always have the right-of-way; move into the trees, if necessary to stay 100 feet from vehicles at all times.  Use your light to signal vehicle drivers; it is your responsibility to be seen.
  • Dogs are not permitted. It is prohibited to have dogs outside ski area parking lots.
  • It is prohibited to carry children in backpacks uphill and downhill.
  • All users are strongly encouraged to carry a beacon, shovel, and probe- and to never travel alone.
  • When the ski area is not open, the Bowl and all terrain park features are closed. Don’t ski in closed areas, they’re closed for a reason.

The Mt. Ashland Ski Area permits uphill access in accordance with certain policies, rules, and guidelines as forth herein.  Please read our uphill access policy carefully, as our guidelines are subject to change from time-to-time.  Uphill Access grants a user the ability to access terrain that is not managed, not patrolled, and not mitigated for safety.  The ski area provides no services and anyone needing assistance should call 911.

Uphill access is a privilege, not a right.  When traveling uphill or downhill, the observance of the Duties of Skiers under the Oregon Skier Safety Act and Your Responsibility Code as adopted by Mt. Ashland is required.  We thank users in advance for your cooperation with this policy and our rules and guidelines.  Failure to comply with any aspect of this policy, including requests of ski patrol or other mountain personnel, may result in suspension or loss of ski/ride privileges.

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