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Mt. Ashland’s School-Based Programs

Check back here for the 24-25 School Youth Ski & Snowboard Programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for the Student Youth Ski and Snowboard Program?

  • Start by finding your school & select Register Here button
  • The first form you will fill out is to collect demographic information about your student to be used in data collection for the Share Winter Foundation. You can only register ONE student per form. 
  • After completion hit the “Continue” Button
  • You will receive a success message with links to our scholarship application & pay portal. This information is also emailed to the student’s primary contact’s email address. (For those who feel like they qualify for a scholarship – please apply using the link and hold off on continuing to the pay portal until you have received your scholarship decision.)
  • If you are not applying for a scholarship, continue to the Pay Portal link which has a keyword unique to each school at the end.  Upon sumbission of the first demographic and informational form, that link is presented to you on the webpage as well as emailed to the primary email.
  • Be sure to select the right package for your students needs.  Lessons are required for all participants.  Lift tickets are for students who do not have a Mt. Ashland season pass.  Rental equipment is available for students who do not own their own gear.
  • An account will need to be created or signed in to. Then you will add your students’ information. Please note that only 1 email address can be assigned to 1 person in our system – typically the parent/guardian. Emails are not required for students. 
  • Please hit the “Checkout” button when ready to input your payment information.

Is there scholarship opportunities for the Student Youth Ski & Snowboard Program?

Yes! Please fill out this form after completing the initial registration (on this page) and prior to navigating to the payment portal.  Each student must have a separate application.

Who can I contact to find out more information about the Student Youth Ski and Snowboard Program?

You can contact your school program coordinator for more information. If your school is not listed and you are interested in starting a program, contact Cheyenne O’Loughlin, the Mt. Ashland School Program Coordinator at .

My child's school is not listed above. Are there any other options?

If your school is not listed above, we do not have a program set up there. A volunteer will need to take the lead to get one started. If you are interested in starting a program, contact Cheyenne O’Loughlin, the Mt. Ashland School Program Coordinator at .

Why is my child's school not listed for registration?

Your school’s registration will open approximately a month prior to the first lesson. Each school group coordinator will be reaching out with more information and registration timelines.

How much does the program cost and are there financial assistance opportunities?

We are able to provide this program at affordable costs because of the Share Winter Foundation, Lithia4Kids, and donations from our community. The cost for each student varies, based on a number of factors, but is generally less than $130. Parents and guardians are encouraged to join students at reduced rates. Partial financial aid is available to apply for during registration.

Where can I get snow jackets and pants for my child?

There are a lot of businesses in the Rogue Valley that offer winter gear for all ages! Some of the places to check out are Rogue Ski Shop (Medford), REI (Medford), Dick’s Sporting Goods (Medford), Big Five Sporting Goods (Medford), and Get ‘n Gear (Ashland).

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