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Having trouble streaming our live, high-definition webcams?

We’re sorry about that! Try a few of these workarounds and best wishes for your success:

Some Apple devices are unable to connect after a recent update

We have been in touch with Apple Support without much luck.  Try these direct links to our webcams – bookmark them if they work for you!
Lodge Cam
Windsor Base
Windsor Upline
Winter Run

It could be a browser permission issue

Mt. Ashland’s website is secured with Secure socket Layer (SSL) technology. Firefox, for example, is a very secure browser, and default security settings may trigger the browser to not display the non-SSL streaming video from our third-party vendor. It is safe to set Firefox to display video from the Mt. Ashland website. To do this,

  1. Click on the little padlock icon on the left-hand side of the address bar for Mt. Ashland.
  2. On the box that is displayed, look for “Permissions” or “Site Settings.”
  3. Make sure that the website has permission to allow audio and video.

It could be an issue with Firefox on a mobile device

Try changing Firefox to “Desktop Mode.” This has solved the issue for some folks.

It could be one of many other issues

We do our best to make the webcams work flawlessly for everyone. However, the cameras are capturing high-definition video on our remote mountain-top site. The signal is beamed to Medford over a set of communications towers. The signal is streamed live to the world from a series of servers. The servers bring the signal to you via the world wide web. Your browser on your device pulls the information from our servers and displays the video.

Hopefully everything works well and you can enjoy seeing various perspectives of the mountain live and up-close. If not, we wish you luck. Our staff may be able to help out if so.

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