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Andrew in the Alpine | Summer Is Almost Here on Mt. A! | 5/30/24

Coming to you from a sunny yet crisp Mt. Ashland, Andrew is here to share the excitement of summer!

From projects to events and opening day, there’s so much to look forward to.

Take a first look at the super handy doors recently installed on First Act, visible behind Andrew in this video. These will make maintaining the magic carpet much easier for the crew (plus, they make it look like a spaceship). Thanks to the team for getting those installed!

Summer events are now live on our events page. Be sure to check out the new “Summer” tab on the website. Here you can find activities, the hours for the newly renamed Gemutlichkeit Grill, and information about the new Alpine Adventure Camp.

We are excited to connect more this summer and explore everything the mountain offers beyond the winter season. We are your local mountain playground all year long! See you on the mountain soon.

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