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Summer Projects Update- May 20, 2024

The past month has been a whirlwind of activity on the mountain, as our crews packed up from the winter and started getting ready for the biggest summer of projects we may have ever had.  Over the next few months I’ll be writing updates on our projects so you can follow our progress toward next winter.  As we get more into the season we may adjust and add or remove some projects from this list, but we’ll keep you informed on how things are progressing.

Lithia Chairlift Construction

In the weeks after we closed for the season we plowed snow off the access points to the future Lithia Chair, as well as the chair corridor.  SkyTrac’s construction crew arrived and began staging equipment and building forms for the foundations, near our shop.  The survey work is finished and the final adjustments to the layout are complete.  Towers and terminal equipment will start to arrive to the mountain over the next few weeks.  We expect to break ground soon!

SkyTrac’s construction crew building forms for the tower foundations (May 2024)
Poet Rope Tow Relocation
Our crew is working with engineers to re-build the drive on the rope tow for the new location.  This is important because the new location is a different length and slope angle than where it used to be, and we will be switching it from right-side up to left-side up.  Once this engineering is complete we can order the new rope and turn our focus toward the electrical upgrades and anchors.  This project will be a slow burn all summer, but should pick-up speed once we get final approval from the USFS.
Aisle 2 Widening
The engineering for the widening of Aisle 2 is finished and a contractor has been chosen for the work.  We are wrapping up some administrative pieces and will have some more updates soon.  This project will double the width of Aisle 2 from the bottom of Dan’s Slot into the base area.
Youth Snowsports Dome
The dome has been purchased and we are in the platform design phase.  This foundational platform has some important design elements because of the snowload and being able to maintain it in the winter.  This will be another slow burn project during the summer and we’ll have more updates mid-summer.  The dome has received all the final approvals from the USFS and we’re ready to break ground as soon as the platform design is finalized.
Kitchen Exhaust Fan
For years our old kitchen exhaust fan got beat-up by falling ice and snow.  Last week we installed a new fan and also created a protective awning so that it stays protected.
The new kitchen exhaust fan and protective awning (May 2024).
~Andrew G.
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