Mt. Ashland is located at the highest point of the ancient Siskiyou Mountains. The Klamath-Siskiyou region is blessed with some of the world’s highest concentrations of temperate biodiversity (ref). We hope that you will observe and appreciate the rich natural beauty of the area when you visit our ski area.

Riding the ski lift, you will enjoy the quiet tranquility of giant White Fir, Shasta Red Fir, and Ponderosa Pine trees, covered in fluorescent green Usnia, Wolf, and other lichens, towering over you.

We have a number of animals who consider the Mt. Ashland area home, including coyotes, bobcats, and subnivean critters like voles, mice, chipmunks, and more. Overhead, you will often hear the songs and sounds of mountain chickadees, towhees, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and more.

If you encounter wildlife, please be respectful. Feel free to take photos, but please remember that you are a visitor to their home.

Solar Energy

In summer 2016, Mt. Ashland installed 85 solar panels on top of the ski area vehicle shop roof. This 27.795 kW Sun Power system will offset about 12% of the ski area’s annual energy consumption. Here is a link to real-time data about the energy being produced, compliments of our favorite star.

The $113,000 project is supported in part by Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Program customers and the Energy Trust of Oregon, in partnership with Mt. Ashland’s donors and sponsors.

STOKE Certified

Mt. Ashland renewed its commitment to environmental stewardship in 2015. We have contracted with STOKE Certified, who made a complete assessment of all of Mt. Ashland’s practices, policies, community engagement, environmental sustainability, and more. The assessment report and accompanying Roadmap are leading our efforts to become better stewards of our planet and more engaged in the Southern Oregon and Northern California community. As an example, Carl and the STOKE team were instrumental in securing grants and negotiating the regulatory framework for our Solar project, mentioned above. More is planned for the years ahead as we work towards STOKE certification.