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Mt. Ashland's Local Mountain Fund

Keeping it Local, Affordable, and Accessible

The 501(c)3 nonprofit Mt. Ashland Association has owned and operated the Mt. Ashland Ski Area since 1992.  For over three decades, our community-owned ski area has offered affordable skiing and riding experiences to people young and old.


More Than Just a Place to Have Fun
Mountain sports offer children and families the opportunity to participate in physically and intellectually challenging activities.  It introduces them to new and rewarding experiences, and provides them with supportive and caring relationships.  The environment and activities at mountain recreation areas incorporate all the elements of healthy youth and family development.

Our community mountain recreation area is a place where youth and beginners can learn a lifelong physical activity, increase their self-confidence, and begin an appreciation for the natural environment.

We make it local, we make it accessible, and we make it affordable.

Physical Fitness
Participation in mountain sports contributes toward lifelong health.  Learning these sports in a local and nurturing environment helps ensure individuals will participate for life.
Self Confidence
When people learn new skills and are able to do things that really challenge them, they raise their self esteem and learn to believe in themselves.
Mountain sports teach participants to respect nature, and to be respectful of others.  They learn that success takes work, and failures can be overcome.
The Environment
People today, and especially many kids, lack opportunities to explore nature.  Outdoor experiences are essential to create a positive relationship with nature.

Mt. Ashland is financially sustainable through operating revenues; sales of tickets and passes funds all ski operations and programs.  The Local Mountain Fund allows Mt. Ashland to make capital improvements that improve the visitor experience, increase capacity for beginners and learners, and to better serve all members of our community. 

In 2022, Mt. Ashland purchased and installed the First Act lift for beginners in our Learning Center- a conveyor belt lift that is the industry-standard for learners. It will help us propel novices from beginners to experienced and improve the lives of many young people in our community.

In 2024, Mt. Ashland starts construction on the new Lithia Charilift. The Lithia Chairlift is more than just a new chair, it is the revival of our upper beginner terrain that we enjoyed for the first few decades of our history. The Lithia Chair will serve beginner and intermediate terrain.

Be a part of our continuing progress – Click on the link below to make a gift or pledge today!

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