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Closed with All This Snow?

We have been asked by a few people why we are not open weekdays in April, or extending our closing date even farther into May.  I wanted to take a few minutes to share some facts regarding our small ski…

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Wind Holds & Delays

This season has been a roller coaster of weather, with the December dry-spell, the wind-snow-warm-repeat cycle of January, and the blizzards of late February and March.  Between February 24 and March 2 we saw 50" of snow, 30" in just…

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Protect Oregon Recreation – Sign the Petition

Problem Recent court rulings have nullified Oregon liability waivers, impacting the accessibility and affordability of recreation and fitness for people across the state.  Oregon businesses are now paying significantly more for liability insurance than other states.  As a result, recreation…

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NWS Smoke forecast

National Weather Service Smoke Forecast

We've fielded a few questions recently about our Purple Air outdoor air quality monitor. It is no longer functioning, so we have ordered a new one. Thanks for your patience as we restore this valuable service. For those with questions…

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Mt. Hood Meadows trail map

Mt. Hood Meadows Joins the Indy Pass

Mt. Hood Meadows joins the Indy Pass network! Our friends at Mt. Hood Meadows have become the 105th resort partner in US, Canada, and Japan offering benefits to Indy Pass holders. This is very exciting news and offers even more…

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Travel Ashland

The 2022 Travel Ashland Visitor Guide

Ashland is a modern mountain community that provides you with year-round opportunities to pursue your passions. From accessibility to nature and homegrown hospitality, the spectrum of events and amenities provide something for everyone, especially you! Take a look at the…

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