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Ski Patrol

Mt. Ashland Ski PatrolThe Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol provides Mt. Ashland Ski Area with a dedicated, well-trained rescue and first aid organization. We serve the Mt. Ashland skiing public through rescue and first aid treatment of guests needing assistance. The Ski Patrol promotes and demonstrates skier awareness, mountain safety, and accident prevention.

The services that Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol provides include;

  • Promoting safe skiing and accident prevention on Mt. Ashland.
  • First aid, rescue, and over the snow transport for any guest requiring these services.
  • A trail maintenance, closure, and signage program for Mt. Ashland’s permit area.
  • A boundary maintenance and signage program for Mt. Ashland’s permit area.
  • Emergency evacuation of chairlifts.
  • Search and Rescue assistance within and outside of Mt. Ashland’s boundaries.
  • Supporting a continuing and effective program of avalanche mitigation, rescue, and awareness.
  • Maintaining and operating a Ski Patrol radio communication system within the Ski Area.
  • Operation and maintenance of rescue equipment and Patrol/First Aid Room facilities.
  • Conducting training programs to maintain competent Patrol personnel.

The Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol is a member Patrol of the National Ski Patrol (NSP). All Patrollers are members of NSP. Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol also maintains membership with the Association of Professional Patrollers (APP) as a Certified Patrol.

Support the Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol with a Donation

Please visit the Mount Ashland Ski Patrol website to learn more about Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol and get involved as a candidate patroller.

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