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Solar Installation Ribbon-Cutting, 8-26-16

Solar Investment Pays Off

We paid off our solar investment! In 2016, with support from True South Solar, the Energy Trust of Oregon, and Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program, we installed a 28 kW solar energy collection system. The system offsets about 13% of our annual energy use. This week, just 5 years in, we have officially created enough energy to pay off our entire investment! Find out more and review production data at

The project to place solar panels on the roof of our vehicle shop began in 2015 when we began collaborating with our friends at STOKE Certified. Working collaboratively with a great team, we were able to secure funding and complete installation in just over a year. The system works wonderfully as it is grid-tied so that excess energy created in the summer is credited to our energy bill in winter when we use the most energy.

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