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Tune and Repair your Equipment at Mt. Ashland

Whether you need a new toe strap, major base repairs, or just an edge and wax, the Mt. Ashland Tune & Repair Center will get you back on the slopes with fast, friendly service.

Located in the basement of the main lodge, our Tuning and Repair staff is here for you. We can offer the following services on Mondays and Thursdays:

 Tune & Repair Center Service Menu  Ski or Snowboard
 Belt Tune  (edge sharpen, hot wax)  $35
 Full Tune (basic tune + base fill & beveled edges)  $50
 Hot Wax (belt/hand)  $15/$20
 Snowboard Install $15
 Ski Binding Torque Test & Adjust  $15
 Nuts & Bolts  $1
 Leash $6
 Ladder Strap $6
 Ratchet Receptor $6
 Toe or Ankle Strap $10
 Pole Basket $5
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